WELCOME TO JULY 2020 (New Leadership Month)

The earth seems engulfed by evil, only by grace shall mankind survive ~ A testimony obtainable in our world as at this day and it is unequivocal to say: human race is sick and needs more humanitarian even more than ever. Humanity needs you and I right now more than ever before. COVID-19 has forced all of us to adapt, this is good and our Action Plan specifically calls on us to improve more on our ability to adapt.

I reflect on my first ever experience in the Rotaract world, a timid and shy young man caught amidst a small circle of friends though full of passion and dedication to serve. Today the testimony is evident with an excellent and broader network of friendship Connected-United to serve and saddled with responsibilities to show the world that Rotary Opens Opportunities ~ may Grace be sufficient.

I reference the creator of Heaven and Earth, the giver of Life, He who molded and made – to HIM be all praises.

Dear Rotaractors and Friends,

I welcome you to the first day and month of the new Rotary year. With great delight, we all anticipated this moment, a moment that is filled with numerous uncertainties resulting from the ravaging Corona Virus, a pandemic that has opened us to holiness and humility – One thing is certain, humanity shall prevail. So I sound the bell of reawakening to you this day, brace up and charge forward.

Charging forward in the act of service and leveraging on our connection to the world in the immediate year, perhaps you should give kudos to COVID-19, the network of friendship has been interesting, innovations has experienced growth, Rotary/Rotaract ideals has been unstoppable. Here I confirm to you dear friend that there are ‘opportunities’ in every difficulty (pandemic).

Connecting to Opportunities, there were numerous advocacy visit ahead of this year, top of which was the experience at the installation of the Alara of ARA Kingdom, Interactive session with Ooni of Ife, Deputy Speaker Lagos State House of Assembly, Interesting Training with Rotary D9110 during DTTS and PETS with inclusion of six (6) Rotaractors as participants, the birth of the first Virtual District Training and so on. You may agree with me that now is not the time for reporting but rather the above is necessary for awareness on where we started and for motivation towards the task ahead. I challenge you again to activate your plan for the year and help Rotaract grow in values and quality of service.

These are our great challenge not just in the next year but into the future. It is up to us to remake Rotary/Rotaract for these new times – Holger Knaack

Our Plans for the coming year are definite, we shall device strategies to grow in value and reflect a true elevation of our status. We shall be dynamic in our approach and make sure that status quo of our District is improved to the best acceptable standards. All of these we shall do amidst difficulties, I charge you to be of courage and relentless. Success is assured.

I want to congratulate the Immediate Past District Team for quality service and a successful administration – it is time to apply continuity of service with reality of our world and for a dynamic approach towards ensuring that the good work of Rotary never stops.
Welcome to the month of July and a brand new Rotary year, let us together work as a TEAM and show the world “Rotary Opens Opportunites”


District Rotaract Representative 2020-21
Rotaract District 9110, Nigeria.
+234 806 409 0446