The Rotary Foundation Month Message by the DRR – NOVEMBER 2020

I stumbled on the following quotes in my deliberate attempt to work the path of success as an individual Rotaractor and as a leader saddled with responsibilities:
“Success is not final; failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts” – Winston Churchill
“It is better to fail in originality than to succeed in limitation” – Herman Melvilla
“Success usually comes to those who are too busy to be looking for it” ~ Henry David
These quotes above has made me stay motivated this year regardless of all realities that struck our plans and goals this year. 2020 shown and still showing to be a year of turbulence, having to struggle with the global call on corona virus that kept us physically apart from activities in the start of the year. It is worthy to commend how we were able to maximize all opportunities made evident in this new normal ~ May His Grace always be sufficient.
Dear Rotaractors and Friends,
Today, I salute you for turning challenges to opportunities in the last 4 months of this Rotary Year and for the leadership alongside with participation in your club activities and district activities. It has been a very busy year and I challenge you to count all your efforts and make the needed justifications. Do stay motivated and committed as we begin the new month of November – The Rotary Foundation Month.
Event that transpired in the month of October are so numerous and intense filled with the good and the ugly. Let me reference you back and remind that we still morn the demise of Rotaractor Gabriel Olamide Ajala of the Rotaract Club of Ikoyi – my dear Rotaractor and Friend, pls redirect your mind to need to be more friendly, stay bonded with other Rotaractors as a family and always confide in a friend to take comfort. Our prayers are with his Family as they morn and as we morn.
Yesterday, I equally recieved the news of the demise of Mrs Ibrahim – the mother of our District Secretary Rotaractor Ibrahim Mardiyat. This saddens my heart and remind me that death is inevitable – no matter how long we wish to stay on earth, a day shall come – May God grant the Ibrahim Family the fortitude to bear the loss.
A major highlight of the month of October was the eventual reality of BLUEWINE 2020 – the Investiture of myself as the 37th District Rotaract Representative. I like to appreciate all persons physically present and inturn appreciate all clubs, Rotarians, Rotaractors, Corporate organisations and guests that sponsored and made the event a huge success. The experience shall linger in our heart and I feel so elated to be associated with you. Thank you for all that you do.
Saturday 31st October birth our second council meeting that saw to the adoption of 2018/2019 report, Presentation of 2019/2020 report still under review, adoption of new entries into our bylaw and nomination of
-Rotaractor Ayilara Abdulquadri
-Rotaractor Abisogun Mujib
-Rotaractor Adenekan Abdulazeez
-Rotaractor Akinyemi Rasak
-Rotaractor Eleto Isiak
-Rotaractor Jones Taiwo
as representatives on the electoral committee for the election of DRRN. It was a full day meeting witnessed by the DRC Chairman Rotarian Tunde Ojo and it gladdens that we have constantly as a TEAM taken the step in a very right direction for sustainability and development of our great district.
In the spirit of a new month,, I welcome you to the month designated to _’doing good in the world’_. The expectation from you this time is to donate huge into the account of Rotary Foundation and help Rotary open all untapped opportunities. The RF committee of our Rotaract District has continuously made conscious effort to remind you on the need and how to donate. It’s a standard this year that Rotaractors donate at least 10dollars to this foundation or do much more as capable. I appeal to you, take this very seriously and act.
Finally, we shall ensure execution of all pending projects this month and follow thoroughly on our goals for the year. Do not stop providing your club with required support and do extend this to all program chairs of our district. Do not be afraid to give up the good for the great because greatness is all that matters as a Rotaractor.
Accept my congratulations for seeing through the month of October, I say HAPPY NEW MONTH of NOVEMBER to you. Remember, opportunities doesn’t just happen, You will have to create them and make them limitless. Continue to strive amidst all odds and give your best to show the world Rotary Opens Opportunities.
District Rotaract Representative 2020-21