Supporting the Environment – Address by Chairperson

Fellow Rotaractors,

As the first Chairperson for Planet Earth committee for Rotaract District 9110, Nigeria, under the leadership of our opportunities DRR Rtr. Adedeji Windapo.

I hereby use this medium to wish you all the best in our various efforts to Preserve our Planet through Tree Planting. Trees play an essential role in mitigating the impact of climate change. Planting trees is one of the most important things we can do to contribute to the health of the planet.

Trees improve our lives both on a grand scale and at the local level. Strategic planting of trees just as the District under the current administration will give priority to starting from Thursday 16th of July 2020.

Trees in urban areas filter the air and remove harmful particles. They also help to filter and regulate water, preventing flooding and protecting watersheds.

They reduce noise pollution by shielding homes and offices from roads and industrial areas.

They provide a hospitable place for animals to live and other plants to grow.

And if any of us goes to Central Park knows how much trees can help to promote health and relaxation, improve quality of life and provide beautiful places for people to relax and socialize.

Trees are mysterious, wonderful and ancient.

As we celebrate Tree Planting Day Globally, let us preserve them for there are countless opportunities on every Trees planted today and in days to come.

Yours in planet Earth Preservation
Raheem Rashidat Abiola
Chairperson 2020-21.