With sincere heartfelt distress, We sympathize with all Nigerians home and abroad. It is disheartening to hear about the ongoing brutal murdering of Nigerians in South Africa, under the guise of so-called “Xenophobia”.

Nigerians, people characterized by love and unity as we commonly refer to in our term “Unity in Diversity”, have always lived in love and unity, regardless of race, color or country. We absolutely have done nothing dehumanizing to deserve the brutal killing being carried out on Nigerian migrants in SA, claiming to be against foreigners. It is not violence against foreigners, but against Foreign Africans!

When a Westerner merely says a wrong thing about the blacks, we call it Racism, but now that black South Africans commit brutal act of savagery against fellow black men, we call it “Xenophobia”. This, ironically, does not portray Africa as the united continent that it really is, it rather gives a false impression of being a continent where people implement “Racism” among themselves!

As a united continent, many countries have deemed it fit to invest and work in SA. They have created jobs and paid tax into South Africa’s economy, prompting it’s growth and development, and of Africa as a whole. It is disheartening to then watch South Africans fight the wrong war.

South Africans, in their quest against apartheid in times past, have had the backing and support of many African nations, Nigeria inclusive. In this light, then an act of brutality against Nigerians would be nothing but “biting the fingers that showed you how to feed”.

Africa is our home. Africa is for all Africans. We must not let our colonial boundaries keep us separated. Our differences only exist on maps, not on the soil. We are one. If only we can see this. If only we can see that Mother Africa, is for all Africans to share, that it is the Neocolonialists who are sowing enmity between us via deception, we will stop fighting each other.

The Zulu word “Ubuntu” roughly translates “humanity towards others”. But it means much more than this.

The spiritual foundation of African societies, “Ubuntu”, involves a belief in a universal bond of sharing that connects all of humanity, a unifying world view best captured by the Zulu maxim “umuntu ngamuntu ngabantu” – “A person is a person through other persons”

We must know Africa is for all Africans, regardless of race, country or colour.



Eleto Isiak Kolawole
Chair, Public Relations/ Media Aide
Constance Fifekemi Jaiyeola
District Rotaract Representative
RI D9110