Rotaract Club of Gbagada Appreciates LASTMA

Rotaract Club of Gbagada was 34 years on Friday, March 13th and we stepped out yesterday Saturday, March 14th to celebrate our Anniversary in an unconventional way…

It was Rotaract Club of Gbagada LASTMA day, the first of it’s kind in the District celebration with the Lagos State Transportation Management Agency (LASTMA).

We have always thought and wondered how we could reward in our own little way the efforts of the LASTMA Officials being that they work really hard and most of them with so much passion and excitement under the sun, so OUR OUTREACH YESTERDAY WASN’T A TRAFFIC CONTROL EXERCISE as usual but we decided to celebrate them by moving round their different duty posts within Gbagada, Bariga and Ifako axis to share fellowship with them.

More than 25 LASTMA officials on duty within these axis (Gbagada, Bariga, Ifako) each got a PACK OF SMALL CHOPS, BOTTLE OF COLD DRINK, AND A REFLECTIVE JACKET to celebrate with Rotaract Club of Gbagada at 34 years and Rotaract at 52 and to tell them thank you for their hard work.

At one of our stops, we happen to have a long time Rotarian as their Coordinator and he was so excited to have us, as he kept reciting the objects of Rotary and 4 Way Test promising to go back to Rotary as his job has taken most of his time.

He also testified that the orientation he got in Rotary has helped him move further and faster in his career as a staff of LASTMA.

He had to call all his subordinates around the Gbagada-Ifako axis in excitement to come all out and partake in the photo session and he ended is appreciation message with a prayer; “God will always bless you, your club will not die, you will always find help with this cold drinks that you decided to bless us with under this hot sun, keep doing what you’re doing and don’t be tired”