The project carried out falls under the Water and Sanitation Area of Focus. It was tagged “MY HEALTH MY PRIORITY”.

The exchange program and visitation began on the 4th December, 2019 and ended on 17th December, 2019. The activities outlined for the duration are;

  • Club project
  • Fellowship with twin club
  • Tour
  • Hangouts
  • Fellowship with Rotarians
  • Learning acts of Rotaract or Rotary
  • Bannerette exchange
  • Fellowship with District 9102 Rotaractors
  • E. T. C.


Project title: Water and Sanitation Project.

Project theme: “MY HEALTH, MY PRIORITY” Donation of veronica buckets and hand-washing project.

Date: 5th December, 2019.

Time: 8:00 am.

Venue: Pearl Petra Basic School Ashaley Botwe.

The beneficiaries of the project were school pupils in primary and junior high schools. This school did not have a control system over their waste, as a result the compound was always littered and thus dangerous to human health. Likewise, there was no facility for the hygienic washing of hands. Veronica buckets were donated to the school and in addition toilet paper, washing-hand bowl, waste basket and hand-wash soap. The president-elect RAC Lagos gave an introductory speech about Rotaract, the purpose and goals, the four-way test and Rotary’s area of focus. The president RAC UPSA talked to the pupils about the project title and theme. In her speech, she laid emphasizes on personal hygiene and making your health your priority.

Afterwards, there was a practical demonstration of how to wash the hands properly by the rotaractors present to the pupils. This demonstration was reciprocated by the pupils. The pupils rewarded us with an astonishing round of applause and intelligent comments on the projects were made by some of them.  

The administrative head of the school was extremely excited and elated to receive us. She expressed sincere gratitude for being the school chosen for the donation. In giving her vote of thanks, she encouraged us to do more and continue impacting lives. There were about 6 rotaractors present at the venue.


Rotaractors from RAC Lagos held fellowship with the twin club RAC UPSA at their meeting venue. It was a wonderful time spent with them, meeting other rotaractors and sharing our Rotaract experience. It turned out to be the last meeting for the year and so there was an extension of time many fun games and activities. Other guests rotaractors present were from RAC Winsconsin another institutional based club in district 9102. One of the rotaractors from RAC Lagos was a lucky winner of the raffle draw item. After the meeting, rotaractors from UPSA took all guests rotaractors on a tour of the city and the university campus.


A visit was paid to the sponsor rotary club of RAC UPSA, the Rotary club of Accra- East at their meeting venue the African Regent Hotel, Accra. There we were introduced and welcomed. There was a bannerette exchange of the Rotary club of Lagos bannerette with the Rotary club of Accra-East at the meeting.


A day was picked for hanging out with other rotaractors from RAC Ring-Road Central. Some of the places visited are; Labadi Beach Hotel, Eddy’s Pizza Place to mention a few. There was a lot to eat and drink, games and recreational activities, friendships created and bonds made.


We attended the meeting of RAC Kumasi a community based club where we met exceptional people who have been in Rotaract for not less than 10 years and counting. The immediate past president IPP Solomon told us that being a rotaractor is one of the best choices he has made in life and he encouraged everyone to advance from Rotaract into Rotary.  The members were fun to be with and it felt awesome to be with them. They further reiterated the fact that Rotaract is a big family and you will be welcome anywhere. RAC Lagos members attended the meeting of RAC Accra-East which happened to be their end of the month meeting and the various committee heads gave detailed reports on their activities and progress as far the rotary has begun. Here we learnt to sing the Rotary Prayer and new rotary songs too.


We visited the RAC Ring-Road Central at their meeting venue in Paloma Hotel. We had a swell time fellowshipping with them. It was also their business meeting and committee heads gave reports on the progress of their committees. In exchanging bannerettes, the RP stated and hoped that both clubs would do great things together. He seemed very interested in carrying out a project with the club but expressed regrets as the year was coming to an end. With a promise to visit Nigeria and carry out a project, we exchanged bannerettes.


Rotaract Club of University of Professional Studies.  University Campus.

Rotaract Club of Accra-East.                                                        Hotel

Rotaract Club of Ring-Road Central.                                          Paloma Hotel.

Rotaract Club of Kumasi.                                                              Adum Central Revenue

                                                                                                            Authority, Kumasi.

Rotary club of Accra-East.                                                            African Regent Hotel.

APPRECIATION. We would like to thank and appreciation as many people that supported this project either with financially or morally