October Independence Message

Volunteering has been a distinct quality of a Rotaractor, one that distinguish us from every individual youth in our society. A virtue that shows true independence and helps us see ourselves as resourceful to the welfare of our nation and trust me, that is the true essence of Independence. I like to redirect your mindset to the essence of this day when Nigeria celebrate 60th anniversary of being free from colonial chain. This day is worth celebration by all standards and I call you all to join me as we celebrate our independence as a Nation.

Let me share a recent story with you basically my experience at the just concluded Awareness campaign in the city of Abeokuta. I woke up ready and made my trip down to Abeokuta from Lagos with a mindset of hitch free planning already in place and with expectation of a table well prepared before me as a DRR. Alas! the need to constantly be articulate struck me as reality. I became physically pivotal to the plans rather than ditching directives to planning committee as a boss. This brief event thought me a whole lot and renew my knowledge to the principle of getting involved no matter what.

Dear Rotaractors and Friends,

Our success so far is a morale booster for me and I want to believe it is for you. We have collectively designed a platform for everyone to get involved, to take joint responsibility which would have been so overwhelming to me and to you. But I want to thank you very much for your commitment to finish strong together.

A reflection of the above has redirected my thought to our first project in the month of September, the free Hepatitis Screening and Highly Subsidized vaccination organized by the Medical Team of our District. It is amazing how we redesigned the principle of NEPOTISM and we made positive use of it. How we collectively took our Health as top priority remains a standard and going forward should be essential plan of every Rotaract year. I reference the Medical Team led by Rtr. Dr. David Odunsi, may God bless him immensely for the eye opening idea.

With assurance of good health and relief, we all gathered at the city of Abeokuta, we reawaken the aluta spirit and March collectively against Rape and Sexual Violence. This fully packed awareness campaign remains a very good way to mark the Rotary Awareness month. Let me sound a fresh note of appreciation to the District Awareness Committee led by PADR Tosin Osikanmi Johnson for his steadfastness and for given us a content oriented awareness campaign this year. More Grease

With due consideration to the basic education and literacy aspect of the month, I specially thank all clubs that made a realistic effort to educate a child. The District plan on literacy remains unshaken but truly had experienced drastic set back. I appeal that you renew your believe on the district literacy plan because delay is never going to be denial. Gradually coast is becoming clearer and school shall resume to a better educational system through our effort.

The month of October is here, that month we all have been waiting for. The month that carries a lot of pursuit of purpose to open all Opportunities.

From the very rare activity that we had today (Economic and Development Initiative) where we distributed palliative to destitute home in Ebute Meta and renovate their Shed. The condition that these people live must have broken a whole lot of heart today but I want you all to take satisfaction in the fact that you cared and celebrate independence with them. This project specifically brings a lot of joy to me, putting smiles on vulnerable people in our society. May Humanity smile on us all and smile on our sponsors.

I want to take this medium to extend a formal invitation to you ahead of 37th District Rotaract Representative Installation scheduled for 10th October, 2020. At this point, it is safe to say that we have over 350 participants on pre – registration list. This event will shape the face of our district and position us as pedestal to the face of youth in our society. We will be having dignitaries with proven reputations and track records. I assure you an event packed with a lot of content and a memory that will linger in our minds for a very long time. I look forward to receiving you.

Again, what could I have done without you, you have remain an essential part of the difference made so far and I am so optimistic that you shall continue to join force with me and make Rotary Open limitless Opportunities.


District Rotaract Representative 2020-21