This is a project that’s always been carried out on every 2nd week of the month

We started since August 2019,in collaboration with Rotary club of lagos plamgroove estate.

This project is with the aim of providing sanitary pad to girls in public secondary schools, who cannot easily afford to get the pad for themselves,in line with the fact that the menstrual cycle is obligatory without an option in every month…

We started this project to achieve the following:

  1. to educate girls on menstrual cycle
  2. to stop the bullying of girls on menstruation period in school
  3. to help them stay in school when they are on
  4. to provide pad in and off school e.t.c

 Our monthly distribution have covered over 700 girls in public schools in yaba axis of lagos state, which are “Aje comprehensive high school” and “Surulere girls secondary school”.

After distributing to all girls In the mentioned schools above,we gave the vice principals some packs of pad incase any of the girls turns out to see her menstruation while in school without her pad.

This project was on going till the Corona virus pandemic which led to shutting down of all schools by the state government.

This project is sponsored and supported by the following:

  • Rotary club of lagos Palmgroove estate
  • Rotaract club of lagos state college of health technology
  • Rotaractor Ibukun

We are grateful for the support received from our mother club who supported us with guidance on how to execute the project with the undernoted:

Sanitary pads;5 packs with each containing 150 pads

Other Items provided by RCLASCOHET are thus: Transportation fee 2000 naira