On the 6th of August, 2022, Rotaractors of the record breaking district – Rotaract District 9110 gathered at the Rotary center to discuss salient issue that no doubt affect us which is – Membership.

This seminar availed for Rotaractors of the district opportunity to analyze, dissect and as well strategize on how Clubs can increase her membership strength and effectively sustain the old ones. Membership in Rotary/Rotaract can be likened to what Petrol/Gas is to an automobile engine. There is never another way to it, without members, a club is as good as dead.

Apparently, one bottleneck issue is that some persons sees Rotary/Rotaract as a secret cult. In his address, the keynote speaker, Rotarian… shared a personal story on the travails he encountered from his fiancee’s family when they realized he was a Rotarian and how he was able to change their mindset on what Rotary truly is. He as well shared with the participants best practices on membership recruitment, retention and sustainability.

In the same vein, the panelist session availed participants a first hand experience as to how best to lead a Rotaract club and as well manage membership crisis whilst ensuring no member is left behind.

In his address which was as well corroborated by the membership director of the district, the Imaginative DRR- Afolabi Abdullahi, spoke extensively on the need for Rotaract clubs to be up and doing when it comes to recruitment of quality members and as well manage the old members for a continuous growth of the club which in extension means growth for the district. He charged club leaders on the need to live up to the expectations now that Rotaract has been elevated as the elevation comes with more responsibility. He assured all participants that the district will be ready to help and mentor clubs with membership crisis and advise that such clubs shouldn’t hesitate to reach out as soon as they start noticing the red flags.

Rtr. Ugochukwu Benjamin @ugo_best37