The significant month that opens our eyes and mind to reflect on journey so far, a month that comes with so much caution and spirited activities, a month designated in Rotary for basic education and literacy. How best can I describe the month of soft reminder that the Rotary year is gradually running off and of a certain, we are in the First Quarter of the Rotary Year. The month equally comes with need to evaluate the journey so far and review plans. It signifies time to re-dot the ‘I’s and re-cross all ‘T’s.

Reflecting on the first two months of the Rotary year, one must remain skeptical on how the year will end and a need to remain positive as the only source of inspiration to keep hope alive and continue in the ideals of Rotary Service. Many of us had experienced moral cramps and here is a call to wake up and stay motivated for the greater goal. Do keep the Rotaract Spirit Alive

Dear Rotaractors and Friends,

Truly our world has changed and it is evident and quite important that we constantly reference how much it has changed. Commendable is how much we were able to adapt to the online/virtual approach of Rotary/Rotaract activities. Seamlessly we have thrived and I must reference COVID-19 for opening the African Continent to the beauty of the New Normal. We have embraced it and it shall continue to be part of us going forward.

May I take this moment in retrospect, amidst COVID, we took a break from mission to connect and redirect to open opportunities, we sounded alert to the world through a press conference assuring all of our commitment for continuity in the act of service. The month of July was so engaging and I thank you all for the effort made to save our environment as well as to assist the world conquer the pandemic. August was equally a month dedicated to sustainability of Rotary/Rotaract membership. One would envisage a drastic reduction and hiccups and perhaps our membership running down the negative curve, Alas! We all displayed high ethical standards and jointly uphold our dignity.

We all took membership with utmost importance conducting Club, Zonal, Area and District membership drive. All in a bid to maintain standards and as well increase in number and indeed we increased our number and did retain existing ones. These we shall stay committed to all through the year. I appreciate you all for your commitment and indebted to you for your dedication. May God renew your strength. We built standards for all to imbibe on membership recruitment and that stands a point of reference this year. I cannot be less proud of what we have achieved together this year as Rotaract District and I remain in awe of what the new and coming months holds in stock. Together we shall witness as it unfolds.

Ahead of us this month are;

  • hepatitis screening and vaccination by the District Medical Team.
  • Massive campaign against sexual violence by the District Awareness Team
  • Donation of necessities by the District We-Care Team and continued effort towards celebrating and appreciating Rotaractors.
  • Continued effort towards telling the world our stories by the Public Image Team
  • New face to our editorials and good archive of our achievements by the District Editorial Team
  • Topnotch projects and activities by all clubs not leaving out good administration by the Rotaract District.
    UBUNTU our watch word this year, I charge you to ensure participation at all listed and I believe we shall finish strong and win together.

How best can I describe the beauty in our TEAM WORK this year, I have experienced a great deal of fulfillment and I shall be more committed and steadfast to our goals. Particularly in this month designated for Basic Education and Literacy, it is more important that we all as individual Rotaractors, Clubs and District design new approach amidst the ravaging pandemic that placed our educational system on hold and optimize. Now is the time to be strategic, dynamic and innovative. We are young adults, promising ones so to speak and Rotary lookup to us to uphold the designation of this month and exhibit our inbuilt potentials for our educational system.

I congratulate all clubs that hosted the District leadership as scheduled and also motivate all yet to kindly activate plans and stay positive for good outcome no matter what. All institution based clubs are to gear up for a fresh start as things are gradually returning to normal. Let me also appeal to all Clubs on our effort towards Rotary Foundation, we are hopeful for significant increase in our figure this year and to see majority of our clubs get the Rotaract Giving Certificate. The time to donate is now. Do subscribe to the plan put forward by the Rotary Foundation Team. Won’t you rather be associated with the the Foundation committed to doing good in our world!

Referencing our achievements on Polio Free Africa and I must again congratulate each and everyone for this grand stride. We did it and yes we must celebrate! Our passion on polio this time needs double effort, “it is challenging to get to the top and much more challenging to stay on top afterwards.” So, let’s not get soaked in celebration, Africa needs our double effort to keep polio at zero and that shall form basis of our campaign this year and many years to come. Cheers!

It has been a great experience so far with you fellow Rotaractors, thank you so much for your service in the new normal. We Move as I welcome you to the EMBER month and particularly to the first of it. Welcome to the month of September. I remain committed as your servant leader and appeal that you renew your effort and support as we lend hand to ensure Rotary Opens Opportunities.

Kind Regards.

District Rotaract Representative 2020-21