Tick tock, tick tock, the third month of 2019-2020 Rotary calendar has come and gradually the year is shaping up. As Rotaract District, Clubs and individuals, this is a reminder to assess your plans and opportunity to reevaluate your project impacts and feedback, especially the membership projects and activities of August; it is expected that they impact more Rotaract clubs to increase vibrant members and quality resuscitation of dead Clubs.

Let me also formally inform your distinguished that the cases of high numbers of terminated Clubs and suspended clubs have been reported to the District Governor and I am positive that there will be long lasting measures to curb this menace.

Therefore, all Assistant District Rotaract Representative and Zonal Representatives as well as clubs leaders are well commended for teaming up to achieve good membership drive activities.

September month is designed for Basic Education and Literacy,.The importance of basic education can not be overemphasize neither its effect can not be over flogged. Interestingly, the just concluded Africa Model United Nations had all the committees UNAIDs, SOCHUM, Peace Building and UNWomen had EDUCATION as the major panacea to problems.

May I further inform you that access to quality education would have solved peculiar problems affecting Nigeria like terrorism, kidnapping and regional differentiation. Concerted effort by government, local and international Organizations to advocate and promote access to quality Basic Education must be top priority to ameliorate human vices. Therefore, I am urging all Clubs to invest their project in these areas mentioned at our local communities.

The District shall be having awareness in the Ewekoro town. The purpose of this awareness trek is to improve Rotaract image and strengthen the perceived-weak influence of Rotaract Club in the community by channeling human resources and logistics at the District disposal. Therefore, the choice of Ewekoro as the town to host the awareness trek. I urge that Rotaractors register and massively participate in good numbers because it will be fun and worthwhile.

My strong believe that Rotaract remains the best Organization that brings out the best in young people has never been doubted and I am glad that it manifested again at the just concluded Africa Model United Nation. The three days event had three participants represented Rotaract District namely, The District Secretary , Deji Sobowale, Rtr Seyi Fasanya Editorial chair and yours truly, Constance Jaiyeola. Apart from myself, recall that the other two participants were the first two to signify interest when it was announced on the major platforms. I am very excited this day that these two Representatives portrayed themselves in good manner and exhibited their leadership quality when it matters most among counterparts dominated by Junior Chambers International (JCI) and few youth oriented organizations. More exciting, is that one of them in person of Rotr. Seyi Fasanya emerged the overall best delegate of the event now to be sponsored to the advanced Model United Nation event outside Nigeria. It is worthwhile to draw inspiration from this that Rotaract is an organization of potentials and be active in what you do.

As the gregorian calendar is approaching the final quarter, be positive in all you do and let us do more to change our world.

Happy new month of September to remember.

Yours in service,

Constance Jaiyeola
District Rotaract Representative 2019-2020