“Strength and Growth come only through continuous effort and struggle.” — Napoleon Hill. Struggle is the pre-condition for growth. Without going through extended periods of hard-work, sweat and difficulty, we can not move beyond our current level of performance – My story in the last 8months has been a reflection of the words above and interestingly I have found solace knowing how important it is struggling to the finish line on a high note.
Dear Rotaractors and Friends,
I know the expression above has been story for many while some just looking forward to put the year behind. Both are interesting way to belong but what is important is to search your inner mind and ask if you are truly living by the tenet that hold the legacy of our organization. From the words of Rotary International President Holger Knaack – We(Rotaractors) are impatient and fast and these qualities are the virtues that defines us as young professionals. It is important that we improve on these qualities as we celebrate our bond in this month of March.
Let me take you back a little, can you remember what brought you into the system? Can you recall your first experience at a Rotaract gathering? Can you recall your status as at that time? Answers to all of these are what forms our stories to share. If your stories cannot ignite the interest of a friend sited next to you, kindly re-evaluate your membership and ask yourself some honest questions.
All said above became very necessary just as I welcome you to the month of MARCH. The month that birth the First Rotaract Club officially chartered in North Charlotte, North Carolina, on 13 March, 1968 and has since then provided platform for young professionals to explore. Interestingly in the past, we have always dedicate the second week of this month to share memories, execute unique projects and merry as young adults amongst other things all in the celebration of WORLD ROTARACT WEEK. There shall be no exception this year as the Rotaract Week Committee of the District shall rollout the list of activities designed for our week. I implore you to partake in it. Moreso, I implore all clubs to design a unique activity during this week so we continue to have good stories to tell.
Recall in the concluding part of the month of February when we gathered at Lagos State University for our Collegiate Conference – the energy put to that event both from the chair, facilitators and participants are truly the values we share as young volunteers. The vocational training packed with the event was indeed the perfect way to showcase Rotaract to students of Lasu. These memories even though it looked almost impossible along the line shall linger in the heart of many. The rebirth of Rotaract Club of LASU shows how dogged we have been this year and I take this medium to appreciate all involved in the realization of this goal.
In the spirit of the new month, I announce the emergence of Rtr Afolabi Abdulahi of the Rotaract Club of OTA as the District Rotaract Representative Nominee after a well coordinated electoral process by the District Electoral Committee. Am sure platforms are open for him to learn through the ladder while he serve us in full capacity by 2022-23. I openly appeal that you support him achieve success with your involvement and substance. There is so much more we can achieve if we together set our mind on it and I know you will be more proud to see Rotaract District wax stronger to become the best Rotaract District in the World.
The month of March designated for Water, Sanitation and Hygiene by Rotary International is here and as much as we have execute project on this focus in the past months, so much more can still be done. Channel your activities during this Rotaract Week towards providing an hygienic environment in your respective community and make a good report of this to share Rotaract Stories with the rest of the world. Be aware that the year is gradually running to an end and now is the perfect time to start making reports of all previous projects and activities.
Let me re-echo to all Clubs on a need to elect officers for the incoming year. This by now is running late and Do well to communicate the details of your president elect to the Leadership of the District for the incoming year and help Rotary maintain her beauty in continuity.
I welcome you all to the new month of MARCH, the month designed to celebrate the Action in Rotary, the month Rotaract was given birth to and today have membership accross all state of the world. Remember our Club is the most prestigious for young leaders, I appeal to you, invite more people to join us, celebrate with us and let’s together Open more Opportunities to make our world a better place.
District Rotaract Representative 2021-21
Rotary International District 9110, Nigeria.