The first six month of this Rotary year has provided me with experience and I make bold to say:
…..to Lead is Patience
…..to Lead is to Fulfill Demands
…..to Lead is Commitment
…..to Lead is to be Bold & Strong
…..to Lead is Steadfastness
…..to Lead is to be Dynamic
…..to Lead is to be proactive
…..to Lead is to be knowledgeable and wise
…..to Lead is to Serve
Dear Rotaractor and Friend,
I believe you have learnt in the last 12 Months of 2020 just as I have learnt both in the easy and the hard way! Both ways presented me with realities I never experienced before. The Good, the Bad and the Ugly…. All of which had impacted my life and amazingly, I have thrived and adapt strongly to the new normal way of life.
As a Rotaractor and Particularly a DRR, 2020 will linger in my heart for as long as I live to serve. To me, it was a challenging and amazing year. What will you rather say?……..A challenging year? An amazing year or a mix of both?
In reality we have spent the first six month of the Rotary Opens Opportunities year; evidently speaking, you have served, merry and now is time to RESET for the second half of the year. I call you to evaluate the success and all demanding and stimulating situations of our Rotaract District so you may device strategies to help achieve more successes in the next six month of this Rotary Year. It is certain that we shall be faced with other challenge but “Amidst challenge lies Greater Opportunities”. You will need renewed passion, dedication and strategies to tap all untapped opportunities. Grace shall abound and we shall jointly have testimonies.
There was series of activities and projects by clubs in the District in the first half and it is noteworthy to say: Clubs have followed their plans efficiently amidst the realities in the cause of the year without submission to the crippling challenge. I thank you for your unflinching support in the last six months, thank you for holding up strong. Your involvement has served motivation for me at this level, do know we are not ending this beautiful synergy anytime soon. We shall build on it until we can both be sure of a Great Rotaract District and in turn a fulfilment for you and I.
Again, I must appreciate you for managing all my excesses, for yielding whenever I call, for lending a hand, for leading right in your capacity and for being a friend I run to and share ideas. Thank you, Thank you and Thank you for the first six months that opened opportunities. NOTE: The next six months is so pregnant and you should be in anticipation of greater opportunities. Remember I said we are not ending it soon, ahead is our Council Meeting, Sponsored Projects, District Collegiate Conference(which shall serve the designation of this month – Vocational Service), Rotaract Week Celebration, 37th District Conference and Convention, Nigerota in Anambra and our Celebration Night which shall project us into another amazing year. Much more obstacle is ahead but know that ‘road to success is often rough’, BRACE-UP and MOVE.
I want to remind you, ‘definition of a successful club lies in her succession plan’, I call on all clubs to elect/select President-Elect/Nominee and allow such individual to learn going forward. May I announce to you that more than ever before, 48 (Fourty Eight) Rotaract Clubs has paid the District Dues as at 11:59pm of 31st December, 2020 and as such hoping and working to meet other standards and be in ‘Good Standing’ to partake in the election of the DRRN – District Rotaract Representative Nominee who shall serve you come 2022-23 Rotary Year. You can see we are doing our bit to prepare you for good experience ahead and amazingly the DRRE – District Rotaract Representative Elect is so on standby and making plans. Believe me, Rotaract is Good and Prestigious. Why not Invite your Friends!
Our numbers has increased this past year with addition of new clubs and more than ever before has been our testimonies, I congratulate you for seeing through year 2020, do know that I shall continue to reference all you had done, all you are doing and all you will still do. Together we have served and still serving and these shall form stories to tell and inturn become our history. Welcome to the new begining filled with new hopes, new testimonies and new realities, welcome to YEAR 2021 and particularly the month of January.
It has become part of me and I remind you aswell to remain committed to having a formidable Rotaract District 9110 that will show the world Rotary Opens Opportunities to better and enrich lifes. Cheers to greater accomplishment this 2021.
Continue to STAY SAFE
Adedeji A Windapo
District Rotaract Representative 2020-21
Rotary International District 9110, Nigeria.