What best describes you? What best describes me? What best describes our world this time? What best describes our Unity? What best describes the service we do? What describes us as humanitarians? These and many more are questions that bothers me in the last few months of this Rotary year. It truly seems as though the Rotary World has ended and this was because surviving in a typical new environment is difficult but interestingly you have been able to adapt and the work of Rotary exemplify the exact meaning of THE NEW NORMAL – a very strange English sentence to many of us before now.
Dear Rotaractors and Friends,
I salute you for your strong passion, determination and dedication to humanitarian activities at this very difficult but interesting time. You have to best and acceptable practice served and I cannot but appreciate you over and over again. In unity lies the ability and energy to achieve success and how best can I thank you for you have served humanity without counting cost or returns, you have maintained peace in your Club and Rotaract District and to the best of your knowledge manage all growing conflicts that could distract you from working for a common goal. I can only encourage you to keep at it. Thank you sincerely and I remain yours in love.
One thing stands a challenge to us till this moment and that is the usual level playing environment we enjoyed in years past and a free will to serve humanity. We have been so cautious in taking decisions, hosting events and executing projects, yet our innovative approach has paved way for us at all times more so that all things usually fall in place even during the most difficult situation. Indeed there are possibilities in every impossibilities. I use this moment to encourage you to look more inward and thrive as we proceed in the last five months of the Rotary year. Do not get tired, be sure all will be well and our testimonies shall remain ” More than Ever Before”.
Our light shines better and brighter through the last impact we made(Renovation of Four Blocks of Toilet) and interestingly, feedbacks had been so amazing. There is so much more to do together dear friends and as such anticipate the Beauty of our We-Care because a care free world cannot maintain peace but as Rotaractors that cares, this month of February shall reflect true Peace Building and Conflict Prevention – We shall reach out as much as we can through the We-Care Team and I believe you will replicate this in your respective Rotaract Clubs. Do reach out and Open Opportunities.
Equally this month, our long awaited Collegiate Conference shall hold. This conference is dedicated to building capacity and to reignite Humanitarian spirit in our Institution Based Rotaract Clubs. Kindly register and confirm your attendance – let’s open our intellectual minds as youth and show the world Rotary Opens Opportunities. I look forward to host you at LASU – Lagos State University Ojo and be rest assured of a beautiful workshop experience.
District Conference and Convention will no longer hold as scheduled – I know the first sentence of this paragraph may break your heart but fear not and be not dismayed, My Conference, Your Conference, Our Conference will sure hold but now rescheduled for the month of April and specifically 1st – 4th April, 2021. This change in date was made in solidarity to the Rotary District President Elect Training Seminar scheduled for 26th – 28th March as well as to avail us time with our Rotary District Leaders during the Conference. The committee understand the new date to be for Easter celebration, however, situation left us with no choice and also in due consideration of our Programs for the Incoming year. Easter Sunday will be amazing because Conference Committee are working tirelessly to ensure that you leave the conference venue with so much excitement that will beautiful your Easter Sunday celebration.
Finally, I welcome you to the month of February, the month of Peace and Love. The month Rotary was founded and requires that we all celebrate more particularly in Unity & Love. My appeal is that you share love with your substance and by that you shall show yourself as true Humanitarian. The world need your love more than ever before and as we run through the second half of the Rotary year do change lives with your impact and show the world more than ever before that Rotary Opens Opportunities.
Happy New Month to you and your ward.
District Rotaract Representative 2020-21
Rotary International District 9110, Nigeria.