Dear Rotaractor and Friend,
I write to you this day with all sense of humility and pride in acclamation of your steadfastness, strong dedication, unwavering support and unprecedented service in the last five months. It is enviable to say that we have collectively reshape and restructure the organogram and had given everyone a platform to exhibit full potentials for the greater good of District 9110.
I beseech you as we start the journey through the month of December to reminisce on the events of previous months. How we started with excitement to achieve great things as individuals and as an organization, how we were caught with the global pandemic, the navigation through the lockdown, it is safe to say that our world has changed and we have equally changed with it.
The opportunities has been numerous with introduction of virtual engagements to all and sundary, our dynamic and aggressive fund raising approach, the hybrid platform for meetings and activities, the desire to reach out more to less privilege knowing fully well that things are generally difficult, the fulfilment that comes after and the deliberate decision to explore opportunities. Only through Grace we were able to move and may HIS Grace continue to abound as we progress in the remaining part of the year and in years to come.
How will you evaluate the progress so far with full engagement from our Officers, Directors and Chair of Programs?
Few weeks back, the Basic Education and Literacy Committee took us to the most remote area of Ajegunle Community. It burdens my heart to know that Good Education which ultimately should be the right of every child was not the reality at this side of our world. The sense of fulfilment after we donated basic materials gave me comfort and the display of excitement from the pupils remains an asset for me to hold on to and it created a drive to do much more. I appeal to you, design an approach to reach out to remote areas whenever you think Basic Education and Literacy.
Recently, our call on Rotary Foundation experienced huge turnaround. I am glad to inform you that more than ever before, Rotaractors understood the need for donation to the Account of TRF and the eventual impact on our District and society at large. You may need to make a decision if you would rather be associated with the only foundation that is committed to doing good in the world. I thank you for your decision to contribute, for your contribution so far and I appeal to you continue to contribute much more than before.
Our outreach on Rotary Family Health Day (RFHD) serves a buildup to December designated as Disease Prevention and Treatment Month. The Medical Team committed energy and resources towards the Health of over 204 persons in the community of Ijebu-Ife, how best can the outreach be done if not through the unprecedented approach adopted for the exercise. It is again safe to say that we have not only taken our health above all this year, we have equally taken public health as paramount in our call to serve. May God grant us good health and sound mind always. Do not forget to receive your third vaccination against Hepatitis B Virus by Saturday 5th December, 2020.
You will agree with me that we have being through a lot this year and it is important to relax and start afresh in this coming year. I invite you to the District Family of Rotary Celebration coming up in the city of Festac. December is not just for disease prevention, it is equally a time to show our family and friends the fun and beauty of Rotary as an organization. Kindly invite your ward and let us merry.
Finally, as an organization, it is consequential that we take the future of our organization first in all. Here is a reminder for clubs to elect/select the incoming officers for 2021-22. Kindly do that in earnest and let the officers be in training ahead of the coming year. That being said, I must thank you for your service to your club in the last five months and thank you for your service to the Rotaract District.
Accept my regards of ‘Season’s Greetings’ and welcome to the New Month of December.
Do renew your commitment towards creating opportunities through Rotary Service.
Adedeji A Windapo
District Rotaract Representative 2020-21
Rotary International District 9110, Nigeria.