The conversation movement is especially prone to burnout. High hopes and energy soon dissipate without quick success. Would I too have succumbed had I know at the beginning it was a one year journey like a 10years journey? I have learnt that persistence and passion are hallmark of success.

Dear Rotaractors and Friends,

Right now you need to understand that if you won’t lead, then other will because leadership is strongest when it comes from a community of Rotaractors with strong vision and similar ideology. May I remind you that leaders has a responsibility to open doors and create more opportunities for others and to support them to reach full potential. That is a mark of a visionary leader and one that did put away selfish interest of being dominant(God Father/God Mother) but rather concentrate in raising leaders with expression of equality.

Remember, we do have our eyes on same destination as Rotaractors, a sustainable and more formidable Rotaract District 9110 and this should at all times be our primary focus distinct from individual differences. Forgive me for addressing you at this later time, but it was a calculated approach to study the event of our district conference and be able to provide you with suitable comments. May I say again that our status quo has changed and you should be proud.

Which of our God’s Blessings can we deny? Absolutely none this year. Permit me to reference through this medium the activities at the just concluded District Conference 2021. With strong determination and persistence we had the program on island of Lekki for the very first time in our history and all activities evidently maintained the class expected of an event in that axis of Lagos. Dear friends, how best can I say thank you for your input, Participation and support. May God renew your strength and provide more abundantly all resources you need to do much more for humanity.

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