The excitement on the back of a well attended investiture made possible by you all has kept me delighted and motivated to address you distinguished fellow as I cannot keep the joy. But here is a new month with new goals to be accomplished, especially the one that affects the growth of our organization.

The month of August is designated for Membership and new club extension.

There is power in number and this assertion perfectly establish the importance of members to both Rotary and Rotaract. Also, the sincerity of purpose of members greatly influence the growth of such club; the resourcefulness and skills of members further defines the mission of the organization. Therefore, let me reiterate that the importance of membership for any organization can never be overemphasized.

My time as President and committee member at both club and district levels have exposed me to many membership anomalies (few mentioned below);

~ it is apparent that membership development in our dear District nowadays are not like it was back then; more worrying is the decline of resourceful members.

~ Clubs no longer pay detailed attention to new members for proper mentoring nor follow due process before inducting members

~ Low retention of members due to loss of interest after induction as a result of redundant activities.

The aforementioned cause growing concern and a time bomb if not speedily addressed by all stakeholders. Kindly take note, membership problems are peculiar according to clubs and other factors which necessitates a holistic approach by volunteers according to the peculiarities identified.

At the District level, there are plans that decentralize the Membership improvement activities and give liberty to creative activities that can inspire the existing members and in the same vein improve the image of Rotaract to attract new members who will find joy in service to humanity. The Assistant District Rotaract Representatives and Zone Representatives shall be unfolding their plans to this effect and I want to urge all clubs and stakeholders to key into them with our time and resources and do not forget to report your activities with complimenting pictures to the appropriate channels (Rotary showcase, District Editorial team etc) for proper documentation.

I am optimistic that the membership development in Rotaract District 9110 will have positive update and turnaround in the coming days regarding retention and extension.

Your mind is the battle ground for success and failure. Always remain positive so as to stay winning in the month of August.

Happy new month and best wishes from me.

Rtr Constance Fifekemi Jaiyeola PHF
District Rotaract Representative 2019-20