e! It is merry period. I am already in the ecstacy of karaoke, unwind with family and friends at a beach or a timeout with lovers to round up the Gregorian calendar.

However, since the start of this Rotary year, I have taken it upon myself to update all on the happenings within and around the District on a monthly basis.

The November address note was prepared in the middle of a 3days Family health outreach at Oke Aje Market in Ijebu Ode where many positives were taken from the projects; preventing diseases in the community, enhancing Rotaract impacts, engaging market leaders and lots more.

The massive turnout for the three days was my biggest impression where we had over 300 people tested and given drugs and contraceptives. Also, I must acknowledge the warm reception and hospitality of the Ijebu team which was spearheaded by ADRR Salisu Idris Aliu (Alomah) . They did their best for the visiting team and ensured we are comfortable while at the same time very active in carrying out the Project. Kudos to you all.

The District organized The Rotary Foundation seminar to commemorate the month which is designated for Rotary Foundation. Although, the attendance wasn’t encouraging, but it was all fun and learning for the attendees, the event as promised also produced 11 soon to be decorated Paul Harris Fellows.

One of the many opportunities Rotaract has availed me is connecting young people around the world to expand network of friendship and service.

The just concluded Rotaract Africa Summit held in Ethiopia had In attendance over 185 participants from all over Africa which I was in attendance to represent this noble district. The event which wasn’t short of inspiring speeches, educative talks and topnotch interactive sessions delivered by Rotary International Leaders.

I am pleased to inform you all that Ghana will be hosting the next summit and since they are a neighboring country to Nigeria, it will be awesome to have a good number of Nigerian Rotaractors attending the summit to give Nigeria the advantage of hosting after Ghana. Therefore, I am urging that we start preparations as contender to host the rest of Africa in Nigeria.

The November month was quite a busy one. I can remember I had to join the opening ceremony of the Rotary Youth Leadership Award 2019 straight from the airport on my return from Ethiopia. The 9days leadership training officially will end today where 460 young adults have been impacted. It was a ground breaking event with record breaking numbers. The Rotaract District shared fellowship with the Rylarians on Saturday 30th November. Rotaractors came in good numbers and added excitement to the inspiring fellowship.

The month of December has come with its schedule and it is important we play our parts as individuals and a team. During the Holiday season, we become more conscious of our family and focus on what we can do to spend quality time with them. Many will have Holiday parties and invite their family members.

However, I want to remind us as volunteers, that we do all we can as to acquaint or even incorporate our family and friends into Rotary/Rotaract activities and not isolate the two from one another. This December, specifically Saturday 14th to Sunday 15th, the Rotaract District will be hosting a Family of Rotary event at Ar-Rakab beach, Badagry.

The location is strategically picked to ensure non-marginalization of any part of District Areas plus a guaranteed and incomparable fun befitting of our status as a District. Let me add that I will have the opportunity to have an interactive sessions with you where I am expecting to have you as individuals, give me your personal feedback and opinions on the District so far and chart ways forward.

I really look forward to that where we engage each other as friends away from the norms of official meetings, so please come prepared and in good numbers. The registration fee is a token of 1,500 per participants covering transportation and feeding.

I also wish to admonish that at the end of this year, sit with yourself to review what you gained, what you lost and find out how you will start your new year. Although, no one can go back and make a brand new start but anyone can start from now and make a brand new ending.

Merry Christmas to you all.

Constance Fifekemi Jaiyeola PHF
District Rotaract Representative 2019-20