On the 6th of August 2020, The District Rotaract Representative 2020-21, Rtr. Adedeji Adeoluwa Windapo and his team pays a courtesy visit at the state house in Abeokuta to the Honourable commissioner for Forestry, Ministry of Forestry, Hon. Engr. Tunji Akinosi who also was once a District Rotaract Representative D9110NG in the Year 1997-98.

The District Rotaract Representative was there to present his plans and projects for the Rotary Year to the Honourable commissioner in quest for his advise and support as a father and also as a Past District Rotaract Representative.

The Honourable commissioner was happy to receive the DRR and his entourage and he felt awesome again with a fresh reflection while he served as the District Rotaract Representative in 1997-98, he shared his experience as a Rotaractor, a district Rotaract Representative during the time technology was still at the early growth and also while he was at the federal service as an young Engineer juggling work life with humanitarian service. He said as a young individuals, the best time to serve humanity is during the youthful days of one’s life and encourages all Rotaractors to continue giving back to the society as it profits the most.

He assured DRR Windapo of his full support for the rotary year and also support of other Past District Rotaract Representative and encourage that we continue to be great ambassadors of Humanity.

The visit was wrapped up with a gift presented by DRR Adedeji courtesy of the Opportunities Team, Rotaract D9110NG, a glittering 4way Test Frame which the Honourable commissioner so much appreciated and encourages all to always abide by it , the Frame was placed closely to his table after he received and thank the leadership of the district for the visit.

In attendance were PDR Fadairo Muyiwa, the Chief of Cabinet Lebi Olusegun, Deputy District Secretary Abdulazeez Adenekan, We-Care Chairperson Damilola Odufote, Investiture Chairperson Bukola Ifadumehinsi, Chairman Great-Trek Tosin Osinkanmi.

Abdulazeez Adenekan
Deputy District Secretary
Rotaract D9110NG

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Rotaract District 9110NG