Blood donation camp organized by the Rotaract club Lagos state college of health  yaba (RC LAGOS)  on the 12th of March 2020 at the school hall 8 harvey road yaba Lagos. After a month of preparation, in collaboration with the rotary club of lagos Palm Groove estate and the Lagos state blood transfusion service.

Preparation for the blood donation camp, was  tactical as it was the first of its kind at RC lascohet, there was a lot of situations unaccounted for and many unforeseen turnouts, setting up the venue, getting approval from the school management, rallying donors and explaining, convincing them to donate while telling them the various benefits of being a donor through the help of the various members of RC lacohet and RC Lagos palm groove estate in no particular order, The President, (Jayashankar Nalode ) , Rotarian Maheseh, Rotarian Kuna, Rotarian Ibukun, The chattered president RC Lascohet Rotaractor Buhari Saheed and all members of the rotaract club of lascohet, made it possible for the bllod donation camp. It was indeed a great support we got from the mother’s club RC lagos Palm groove. With the provision of the necessary items, such as

  • Banners – club 1
  • Banner  – BDC  2
  • Biscuits  –  2 cartons
  • Water  –    2 cartons
  • Cash of ₦30,000 for food at ₦500 per person at 60 people

The program actually kicked start as at 9am in the morning with the presence of the lagos state transfusion service and it turned out t be a successful program. When the donors came in their numbers, they started by registering their names and details in the form provided by the lagos state transfusion service, after properly filling, they then moved on the get their physicals, which entailed various tests such as blood pressure, pcv level, weight, temperature, viral screening e.t.c. after which some volunteers who didn’t meet up the required standard were deferred from donation to avoid risks to their health as some where currently menstruating, breastfeeding and have below average blood levels which numbered in 62 patients, then the volunteers that did pass where given blood bags and moved to the donation area before which they were given the prerequisites of blood donation e.g eat before donating etc. Then a pint of blood was collected from each patients, who were then giving table water, plastic drink (maltina) , biscuits, various blends of fruits donated by RC lascohet and a packed food in other to help replenish their strength.

Items provided by Rc lascohet are thus;

  • 2 cartons of bottled water
  • 1 carton of biscuits
  • Various fruits (banana, apple)   Total ₦10,000
  • Snacks (Meat pie , donots and egg rolls)   ₦15,000

This went on slowly but progressed steadily till we reached the total number of 52 donors all donating one pint of blood each. After which the president and some other members of the club took pictures with the donors as a ways of appreciation and encouragement to further help or aid in saving lives. In course of the ongoing project, we had in attendance, the president elect RC lagos Palm groove  Sandra Nalode, the deputy provost of the college in person of Mrs. Izobo Oyeronke  and our president RC Palm groove and members and they took pictures with some donors as a means of support and appreciation.

As at 4pm in the evening with no more available donors we called off the program with a total number of 52 donors and 62 volunteers deferred totaling 114 individuals who came to show their support for their fellow humans in relation to the blood donation camp.


Male18 – 251838.5% 20
 26 – 402
Female18 – 25      2561.5% 32
 26 – 40       7