The build up to the District Conference 2020, biggest event of Rotaract in the Rotary year was on a top top gear; Speakers/facilitators were ready, we have ticked all boxes for logistics, “I”s were dotted and “T”s crossed but truly, God is inevitable in every plan, so this time I couldn’t agree less to the wise quote that “Man propose; God activate.
These plans and all other District activities are now on hold, no thanks to infectious COVID-19 ravaging the world.

The novel Corona Virus has put the two states covered by the District on a lockdown as measures to confront and control the pandemic. Majority of state and federal workforce are now working from home, families are infected while its adverse effect on the economy is yet to be determined especially when no other effort matters except the one focusing on the eliminating COVID-19.

However, amidst all these, there are lessons to pick and hope the leaders of our dear nation can address especially the state of our health facilities.

In one of the trainings for the incoming leaders, precisely Presidents Elect Training Seminar, I took all the stress to address the now United Presidents to work hard for their respective clubs. I stressed further to register how joyful it would be to work with clubs to break records and set new records, getting international recognitions (aside from the usual R.I CItation) with emphasis on Rotaract Outstanding Project Award.
My joy knows no bound when one of our project in partnership with Rotaract Club of Lekki Phase 1 made the finalist nomination list for the very first time the history of the District or in a long while, in fact not that I know of since I joined this organization. Emerging as winner will be another milestone but whatever happens from their I have strong believe that we have set the framework of service partnership with Clubs that incoming District Leaders can take clue from and go beyond the latest (nomination) stage. It is a laudable one and let me cease this opportunity to congratulate Rotaract Club of Lekki Phase 1 and District Team, especially, the District Secretary Ayodeji Sobowale who actually dedicated a lot of precious time doing the reporting. Congratulations!.

The month of April is designated for Maternal and Child Health but the activities of the District would be on hold as it was with minimum of 2weeks prior notice of events after the government clears the air and Corona Virus has been eliminated. I register my optimism of normalcy to be restored before the end of 2019-2020 Rotary year.

The paragraph 10 of the President Muhammad Buhari address note highlighted our responsibility and ways to prevent and combat the deadly COVID-19. It states As individuals, we remain the greatest weapon to fight this pandemic. Washing our hands regularly with clean water and soap, disinfecting frequently used surfaces and areas, coughing into a tissue or elbow and strictly adhering to infection prevention control measures in health facilities, we can contain this virus. Dear valued Rotaract members, the first sentence of the paragraph indicates our importance in helping our community as service volunteers. I therefore urge that we join Government to help our communities, share information, participate in the awareness and sensitization (online and other approach) adopted by the leaders.
However, the last sentence of the paragraph reiterates my strong believe that with concerted efforts, COVID-19 will end very soon.

As young adults, it is important we take advantage and positively optimize the Lockdown period for our skills and personal development. Smart gadgets should not be smarter than the owner, hence, do endeavor to learn new things and adjust and readjust your plans/goals (if required) to meet lock down period.

Do wash your hands with soap and disinfect regularly, maintain social distancing, most importantly, stay home and stay safe.

I want to see you all unaffected after the pandemics.

Happy new month of April.

Thank you.

Constance Fifekemi Jaiyeola PHF
District Rotaract Representative 2019-20
Rotaract District 9110 Nigeria