All Praises and Immeasurable Adorations are devoted to the ALMIGHTY, the only Sustainer and Preserver of Souls.
To All Rotaract Clubs
To All Rotaractors – Rotarians
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To All Dignitaries
To All Guests
We say a very big THANK YOU for Gracing the #BlueWine2020 in large numbers. Not a million Words nor Thousands of Expression will ever be able to convey our Gratitude towards you all for dedicating resourceful Time and huge Treasures to the planning and ceremonial activities of the Installation of the 37th District Rotaract Representative, Rotaract District 9110NG.
As a team, #OpportunitiesBOD we are registering our greatest pleasure to you all for making the event a success.
This has being a big reflection to the fact that “we are – because you are; UBUNTU”. The supports has been tremendously awesome.
Please Note: Nothing comes so perfect; We’re using this medium to tender an unreserved apology to whosoever has expected more from us and we couldn’t beat that.
There are more engagements to supplement with; Do accept all of our shortcomings and pardon our manners.
Namaste; Na Gode; Daalu; Eshe Adupe; 🙏🏾
Longlive Rotaract D9110NG
Longlive Rotary D9110NG
Longlive Rotary International.
Opportunities Board of Directors
Rotaract District 9110NG
Adedeji A. WINDAPO
_District Rotaract Representative 2020/2021_
_Rotaract District 9110 Nigeria_
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