Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other;

For the things we have to learn before we can do them, we learn by doing them.

Rotaract District 9110 Nigeria hosted it’s annual PRESIDENTS-ELECT TRAINING SEMINAR to prepare respective Team Leads from various Rotaract club within the district on the basic rudiments of Leading an effective Rotaract club.

The training seminar was held at the epicentre of the teaming buzz of Lagos.

The venue of the training Lagos Airport Hotel, Ikeja accommodated approximately 80 participants cutting across (58 Rotaract club Presidents, Seasoned Facilitators, Rotary District 9110 Leaders and some other prominent leaders of Rotaract District 9110 Nigeria) on the two days residence based training.

The Training seminar was officially called to order by the DRR Ayodeji Sobowale at exactly 11:00AM after all participants had sorted their registration and a brief meet and greet networking session from the hours of 8-10AM; despite the heavy downpour of rain experienced at the early hours of the day.

The District Trainer, PP Taiwo JONES gave his welcome address and further prepared the minds of participants on what to expect through all of the well packaged sessions.

The Convener, DRRE Abdullahi A. AFOLABI also gave his welcome remarks after which a video from the Rotary International President Elect, Jennifer Jones from the 2022 Rotary International Assembly was played to all Incoming Presidents, the video contained her Mission statement and vision for the Imaginative Rotary year and what is expected of all Imaginative Rotarians and Rotaractors.

Immediately after the Rotary International President Elect remarks, the Imaginative DRR, Abdullahi A. Afolabi also shared his Goals and expectations from all Imaginative Presidents in which Partnership, Quality Training, Membership Engagement & Retention are key factor.


RTN Raheem Adebisi led the FIRST SESSION of the training, and his presentation was based on Corporate Ethics and Branding, he explained in details how important Corporate Ethics and Branding can help build our organization (Rotaract) and our personal business.

The Imaginative District Governor, Rtn Omotunde Lawson gave her remarks and also charged all Imaginative Presidents to be a good ambassador of their various clubs, she wished the Imaginative DRR and his team success in their future endeavours.

SESSION 2: Ambassador Oladimeji Mustapha, a seasoned speaker and writer facilitated “Grant and Proposal Writing for Non Profits Organizations”, where he outlined all details needed in applying for Grants and writing Proposals.

After a brief break, where some participants had to go observe the Friday, Jumat Prayer – Lunch was served and immediately afterwards, Rtr Jones Taiwo, the District Trainer took the Imaginative Presidents on Important Rotary Awards which includes:
• Rotaract Giving Certificate,
• Rotary Presidential Citation • Rotaract Outstanding Projects Award (ROPA).

Without time off from work, a person becomes both bored and boring.

We ended the Day 1 of PETS 2022 with a Welcome Party which was duly Sponsored by RTN Bamidele and Tolulope Onalaja (AKS)



After a well packaged breakfast, at exactly 8:30AM the Session was called to order by The Change Maker DRR, Ayodeji Sobowale.

SESSION 3 – The District Rotaract Representative Nominee, Rtr. Abisogun Mujib led the participants on a practical session on how to navigate the Rotary Website for Members and Clubs {myrotary.org}

SESSION 4 – The IPDR ADEDEJI WINDAPO facilitated the session with the topic “Report Writing and Packaging” it was a very long and interesting session which all participants enjoyed and learnt all that is needed help prepare and present a proper Project or Activity Report for their respective clubs.

SESSION 5 – PP Oke Ridwan, a Lawyer and seasoned Rotaractor from Rotaract District 9125 facilitated the session; LEADING A VIBRANT CLUB, Rotaract Perspective shortly after, all participants went on recess.

The Training committee introduced a new form of interaction tagged: OFF MIC SESSION with Experienced Rotaractors as discussants,

The aim of this newer approach was to give a friendly and safe conversation space for Incoming Club Presidents to ask sincere questions on issues affecting their various clubs and district by extension.

The discussants were
• IPDR Adedeji Windapo
•PP Lebi Olusegun
• PDS Ibrahim Mardiyat
• Imaginative DRR Abdullahi A. Abdullahi

They all came prepared and willing to give sincere responses and solutions to all questions been asked by Presidents.

PROJECT PAIRING & GROUPING some days before the PETS, Imaginative Presidents were paired into various groups and were told to propose a project alongside what it takes to execute the project and to be presented during PETS, this is a way to prepare the Presidents for the task ahead.

The presentation was wonderfully done by each group and it was an eye opener and also a way to foster friendship and relationship amidst the Presidents. The winner as said by the committee will be announced during DTA.

After a very impactful and awesome performance by all Facilitators and Participants, the *Imaginative DRR, Abdullahi A. AFOLABI couldn’t in any better way express his heartfelt feelings than to experience catharsis (a sort of emotional or psychic purification, brought about by experiencing strong emotions)

He called out all of the Training committee members to appreciate them for a good job well done, after which the secretary of the committee, Rtr Olanrewaju Soliu appreciated the participants on behalf of the committee.

In wrapping up the Event, the Imaginative DRR Abdullahi A. Afolabi presented certificates of participation to the participants and it was wrapped up with a photo session with all participants.